Zombie image1
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Vital statistics
Title Zombie
Gender Male
Race Zombie
Faction Grunt Enemy
Health Zombie-like health
Status Zombie
Location Mad Castle

A Zombie is a Grunt Enemy that is extremely resilient when it comes to environmental weapons.



Zombies are grunt enemies in Mad Castle. Whenever a Zombie latches itself onto you, you must shake the Wii remote and nunchuck to backfist it away.

Whenever Death Blade has entered the stage and a Zombie attacks, a Power Struggle will commence; you must swing the Wiimote to the left to backhand the zombie into him. If you do not, you will die.


The only way to kill a Zombie is through an environmental kills, chainsawing them in half, or through finishers. If left unchecked, a zombie cut in half horizontally will regenerate its lower half.

It's not recommended that you kill a Zombie when a lot of environmental weapons are available.


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