Yokozuna image
Vital statistics
Title Yokozuna
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Boss
Health Unknown
Level Difficult
Status Deceased
Location Asian Town

"Take your best shot, Boy!"

Yokozuna is the last boss In Asian Town and is ranked 53rd on Death Watch. His fighting style is similar to a sumo wrestler.


The greatest sumo wrestler with ridiculously huge muscles. He is at least over 75, as depicted by his beard and tone.


He is the third and last boss in Asian Town.You battle him in a massive arena, surrounded by a ring. In each round (out of 3) the outside of the ring is lined with different hazards. In round 1 it's lined with rusty lampposts, signs, and other things used outside boss fights to skewer enemies. In round 2, electrical generators surround the arena. In the final round, there are several cannons that launch you or Yokozuna into a volcano.


A great way to deal great damage to him is do the power struggle, which you should see when he is preparing to stomp the ground. Attack him using a uppercut or reverse punch after he stomps. Otherwise learn his attacks and strike when he is finishing a move.


"Take your best shot, boy"


The Yokozuna is an actual rank in sumo wrestling, and it is considered to be the most honorable rank a sumo wrestler can recieve.

Yokuzuna is the only boss without a proper finisher, with the fight ending after the third successful Power Struggle. Interestingly enough, von Twirlenkiller, Elise, and Martin's finishers are not interactive, and all of them are also the final bosses of their areas.

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