Yee Fung
Yee Fung image1
Yee Fung
Vital statistics
Title Yee Fung
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Enemy
Health unknown
Level unknown
Status Mini-Boss
Location Asian town

Yee fung Is a Mini-boss in the first level of asian town.


Yee Fung is a man whose armor vaguely resembles a beetle's carapace. Like most of Deathwatch's mini-bosses, little is known about his history.


Mini-boss in the third level of Asian town


It it best to do power struggles as Yee fung's shell is highly resisant to Jack's chain saw.

Also using the Katana is a good choice due to its power & quick recovery between attacks, he will barely avoid it or will simply be stunned.


"You make me feel puky!"


After you beat him, you get the Turtle orb.

His outfit may have been a reference to Bowser from Super Mario given the turtle motif and spiked armbands

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