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Jack feeding the Turbinator
Vital statistics
Participants Jack
Location Varrigan City: Central Station

The Turbinator is a Bloodbath Challenge that involves throwing enemies into a giant jet engine.

Explanations Edit

Black Baron version Edit

"Y'all know who I am. That's right, the bishop of blood and carnage, the Black Baron! Now back to this baby. You just toss some mothafucka' in this here jet engine, and accelerate dat ass into the danger zone at 30,000 G's!"

*Mathilda walks in*

"Whas' goin' on baby? Can't you see I'm-"

*Mathilda grabs and lifts the BB*

"Hey! Whatcha doin'. I'm talkin' to the people- OH AGH!"

*BB is tossed at the Turbinator but grabs onto the edge*

"Oh, agh! Bitch, imma pimp slap yo ass later! Oh, ah-!"

*BB is caught in the Turbinator, turning into bloody chunks. Mathilda walks off*

The eventEdit

This is the first Bloodbath Challenge that you will face in the entire game. To play, Jack must "convince" enemies to go into a giant jet turbine. He can do so by either throwing or attacking; throwing is recommended for taking out large groups, while attacking is recommended for taking out individuals that are close to death anyway (Dodging and attacking immediately afterwards works very well).

Enemies that land in the danger zone but not close enough to the Turbinator will slowly walk out of the zone and away from the turbine. while they are trying to escape, they are vulnerable to get launched by another tossed mook. If Jack is caught in the danger zone, he must move away from the turbine, or he will get sucked up and die.

Do not bother head-butting or using environmental weapons for some extra points, since merely getting people in the turbine will get more points faster.

To rack in the points try sideway throws at large groups of enemies. When well executed, you'll get triple, slaughter and massacre scores in no time.


Commentator QuotesEdit

  • Howard: "The rules of the Turbinator challenge are pretty simple. Grab as many assholes as possible, and toss them into the jet engine."
    • Kreese: "Turbinate multiple motherfuckers for a big bonus."
    • Howard: "And a big SPLATTER!"
  • Kreese: "Jack better mind that vortex. He could be sucked do his death if he's not careful"
    • Howard: "Generally not a bad way to go, but in this case, it's something to AVOID."

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