Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Boss
Health Unknown
Level Medium
Status Ranked 98th in Death Watch
Location Great Wall Street

"I'm going to enjoy every moment!"

RinRin is the 94th ranked contestant of DeathWatch, located in Great Wall Street.

Rin Rin


A modeler for a company called "Rin rin" tea, as shown by a billboard in the Great Wall Street, ranked 94."


RinRin is the first boss in the Asian Town area, and the fourth boss overall. Very nimble and deadly with her razor sharp fans, she proves a good challenge to players who try to go full force.

After enough damage is done to her, Jack finishes her by tossing her into a machine designed to look like a giant Yee Fung, eating ramen. Rin Rin lands in the bowl, picked up and apparently crushed to death by the machine.


RinRin will frequently block Jack's attacks using her dual fans, thus making Power Struggling the most viable way to beat her. However, if you knock her back far enough, she can be knocked in to the electricity surrounding the arena. She will also occasionally run away to the top of the arena and drop bombs, which can be thrown at her once she drops down. A key way to get some melee damage on her is to wait until she uses the move where she throws fans. When she's charging the attack, get as close to her as possible, then backflip to dodge the fans. It takes you to the moves blind spot. If you're low on health, there are happy pills on a platform that's to the left of the television screen.


"I'm going to enjoy every moment."

Commentator QuotesEdit

Howard : "And here comes Rinrin, the fantastic kung-fu queen. Kreese, didn't the two of you have a thing a while back?"

Kreese: "If by "thing" you mean a 5 minute fight that left me spitting teeth and pissing blood, yeah, then we had a thing."


  • Rinrin mimics the Mortal Kombat character, Kitana, in many ways. (clothing, fighting sytle, fans.)
  • Rinrin returns in Anarchy Reigns, along with her two sisters FeiRin and AiRin
  • Apparently Kreese and Rinrin had a "thing" that shows she has a real mean streak.
  • Her boss theme, You Don't Know Me is shared with Elise.
  • Apparently Rinrin has breast implants, as Howard and Kreese note when you hit her with a bomb.

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