Power Struggle
Power Struggle image
It's David Vs. Goliath!
Vital statistics
Participants Jack and a boss (or mini-boss)
Location Boss arena (or anywhere when fighting a miniboss)

Whenever fighting a boss or mini-boss, sometimes the image of two Chainsaws will appear in an X shape, and a gesture with the Wii Remote. When the gesture is given in range, this image to your right will appear, and a Power Struggle will commence. During one, the player must do a series of gestures within a short time. If it fails, you'll take damage, but if you win, you do quite a bit of damage to the opponent.

Wii Remote ActionsEdit

  • Varrigan City
  • Asiantown
    • Rinrin: Shake the Wii remote, then spread the Wii Remote and Nunchuck apart.
    • Shogun: Move the Wii Remote and Nunchuck together, then Move the Nunchuck down and the Wii Remote up at the same time.


  • As a result of winning, Jack will attack the opponent for more damage than normal. In some cases, this is the killing blow to an enemy.
  • As a result of losing, Jack will take some serious damage, or even die instantly.

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