The Money Shot II is nearly identical to the Money Shot. The only differences are that there are only two pictues of naked woman with spikes censoring. The other difference is that the enemies consist of nothing but Greys. The final difference is that once all the targets have been hit, bonus UFO's will show up, giving you more to hit.

Commentator QuotesEdit

Howard: "You know if you do that (Shove a Peking Pop down a Grey's throat) to a frog, it does the same thing (Launches the enemy to a wall, killing them instantly)."

Kreese: "Why do you have be so cruel to animals, that's a sign of a sociopath."

Howard: "Well, didn't you participated and won Deathwatch?"

Kreese: "Yeah, but I only kill people. That's not cruel. Frog killer."

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