Martin about to fire a missile
Vital statistics
Title M.A.R.T.I.N.
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Boss
Health unknown
Level Difficult
Status Ranked 2nd in DeathWatch. Deceased
Location Area 66: Robot Factory

"One Destructable Target Found!"

M.A.R.T.I.N. is the 12th boss of Madworld and ranked 2nd on Death Watch.




M.A.R.T.I.N. is a giant robot and serves as the game's second-to-last boss. Judging by his heavy artillery, he is meant for one-sided fights against whomever faces him. Jack manages to prove otherwise, however, hitting him until he goes berserk and explodes into a heap. One of the Money Shot cut-outs drops on it after his defeat.


The battle arena is a rectangular facility with a raised platform in the middle. Martin can attack by swinging a robotic arm, shooting missiles--which temporarily blind Jack--and by running him over if he isn't on the platform. Though Jack can damage Martin with his chainsaw, it does pitiful amount of damage. The only effective solution to mortally damage Martin is to grab a missile launcher and shoot at him. The power struggle includes Martin throwing Jack off of the platform and firing a heat-seeking missile at him, the player must then shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to make Jack circle around the whole room, eventually ducking under Martin, and forcing the missile to collide with Martin and inflict heavier and more noticeable damage.

Like Von Twirlenkiller and Elise before him, Martin's finisher is not interactive. Jack will punch the ground with such great herculean strength that Martin's body begins spin around uncontrollably, colliding into a wall, exploding, and ending with an effigy of a woman crushing him.


There is a known glitch with Martin, where he will become trapped behind a corner and continue to fire missiles at a wall.


"One Destructible target found."

"Fire Missiles!" (Heard when Martin prepares to launch a missile at Jack during the power struggle)

"Heavy DAMAGE!!!" (Heard when missile crashes at Martin from behind)

"F*** YEW, F*** YEW, F*** YEW, F*** YEW, F*** YEW, F*** YEW..."

"F*** you f**!"(Heard after hit)

Commentator QuotesEdit

Pre-Fight CommentaryEdit

Kreese: "I hate this son of a bitch, Martin. The guy's a giant robot controlled via remote control by some fat fuck chicken-shit too scared to fight for himself."

Howard: Why do they let him do that?

Kreese: "Uh, probably cause he's got a giant killer robot."

Howard: "Makes sense."

After Jack Defeats MartinEdit

Kreese: Wow, Jack spun the shit outta that thing!

Howard: Do you think he planned for it to happen like that?

Kreese: I don't think he didn't plan for it.

Howard: What?

Kreese: ...I'm not gonna repeat myself.

After the FinisherEdit

Kreese: That was pathetic!

Howard: I've seen better kills in my family reunion!

Kreese: Well, remind me not to hang out with your family!

Howard: Don't hang out with my family.

Kreese: Okay.


  • Martin is one of three bosses against whom you don't get to use the Wii Remote during the finisher. (The others are Von Twirlenkiller and Elise).
  • According to the pre-battle text on the map menu, Martin was developed in Area 66 of Jefferson Island. Ironically, despite being immensely powerful, he could not be used to stop the takeover by the terrorists.
  • Martin is often seen by many players as one of the worst bosses in the game. Their main argument is his large amount of health, and the fact that shooting rocket launchers at him and his power struggle are not as satisfying as the other bosses.
  • His name and race could of been a reference to Marvin the Martian from Looney tunes
  • It is unknown what the acronym that serves as his name stands for.
  • It is unknown, if the grey alien who resides inside the robot (As seen during a power struggle when he rides a missile) is called Martin, or weather the robot itself is called Martin). It is also unknown, if the alien inside the robot controls it, or takes refuge inside him, considering Martin still fights, after the alien has blown up during the power struggle.

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