Magnetic Cannon
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Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects Draws close enemies and shoots them away and cyber chasers are disabled for a while
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A weapon that comes from space or simple fiction?Edit

Area 66 holds something more than OVNI's, secret experiments and starwars clones, an example is a bizarre magnetic weapon that uses people as ammo


This weapon can be used to pick up up to three enemies that can then be launched into other opponents or environmental hazards.

  • Pressing the B button will pull in opponents and they will dangle around in the beam until you fire them or switch weapons.
  • Pressing A will fire them a good distance. They will instantly die when they are fired out so it is best to fire them into an environmental hazard.


  • It is probably because of the otherworldy electricity that make up the weapon it stuns the Cyber Slicers when aimed in their direction for a short time.

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