A series of three levels proceeding Asian Town and preceeding Area 66. It's a recreation of classic horror concepts and simulate arenas in a colonial district style castle. Upon completing Mad Castle you find Naomi, who reveals the ultimate plans of the organizers.


  • Zombies Courtyard - The first level where you find zombies, a grim reaper, werewolves, and a blood oozing fountain (Must place zombies on the pointed tips to complete this effect)
  • Frank's Dungeon - A simulation of the dungeons in any castle setting. many golem statues and candle sticks are available. (Candle Sticks are usable like other piercing environmental weapons)
  • Sanctuary - A tomb for Vampires, like the second female boss who waits inside. IT is the only level where the environment is designed to hurt you without you ultimately knowing the first time around. (the pillars on the way in crash, which you must avoid prior to continuing onward)


  • The Shamans - Werewolves who work as a team of limitless amounts, but all cluster into a single health bar of the white leader
  • Frank - Frankenstein on steroids and with a recharging chair too.
  • Elise - A vampiress with a slow recharge rate and an "Awesome Rack" She's the final female boss and usually just defending in a fight using levitation.

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