Little Eddie
Little Eddie
Vital statistics
Title Little Eddie
Gender Male
Race Mutant
Faction Boss
Health Unknown
Level Easy
Status 198th ranked in Death Watch
Location Varrigan City

"I'll Murdalize You!"

Little Eddie is the 198th ranked contestant of DeathWatch and the first boss of MadWorld. He wields a giant ball-and-chain which is later used to kill him, by caving his head in.


An oversized mutant who is the first and lowest ranked boss in the game who is very far from been intelligent. He travels by lying down on the cargo bed of a train. Just don't let him throw down that train because you will know about it.



When you fight Little Eddie, there may be two Explosive Drums lying around in the corners. Run towards them and throw them at Little Eddie, and he will lose about a quarter of his life. He will also be stunned, so chainsaw him until he recovers. His Power Struggle is automatic, so just follow the prompts on-screen when it happens and you will take down a bit of his health.It is also easier if you complete the game because you will have the katana to fight him with


  • "I'll murdalize ya!"

Commentator QuotesEdit

  • Kreese: "You know what I don't get? I don't get why they call him Little Eddie when he's so fucking big."
  • Howard: "I think its supposed to be ironic."
  • Kreese: "...What?"
  • Howard: "You know, the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning, usually a humourous or sardonic literary style or form."
  • Kreese: "...You got beat up in school a lot, didn't you?"
  • Howard: "...Yes."

  • Howard: "Did you know Little Eddie is the runt of his family?"
  • Kreese:"Yeah, you know I met his sister once? She had-"
  • Both : "The biggest vagina on the block!"
  • Kreese: "Jack sure knows how to clear out a room!"
  • Howard: "Was it something he said?"


  • Judging by his outfit, which is just a ripped, striped jumpsuit, it is suggested Little Eddie may have been an inmate at a local prison, which chosen for the Deathwatch games and experimented on to give him an edge in combat.