Yet another weapon to be revealedEdit

The katana is... well a Japanese sword, similar to the ones the ninjas in Asian Town use but less durable due to Jack's strength or simply you got a cheaper one. It has an awesome speed in therms of attacking.

Its appearance isn't in the weapon containers, this may appear randomly in certain areas & random cities in the map, sometimes more than one time (in case the first one is broken apart).

But first you must unlock it by ending the game on the first difficulty.


Triple Combo : A basic Triple A-hitting combo, usually one combo is needed to stun a enemy, use two to set them in a finishing move position. (This is mainly for hard difficulty, when you finished the game for 1st time).

Quick Draw : Press B to get position, then swing the Wii remote to make a swift slash on the enemies head, it takes at least two (sometimes three)slashes to put them in finishing position. Also usefull for some sub bosses due to it's high velocity strong attacks.

Drill Thrust : A quick and yet powerfull move performed by doing a backward jump and presing the A button, useful when there is a line of enemies in front of you, with a high chance of multicombo percentage due to 2 or 3 enemies squished or by losing their legs & arms in the blow (some may be still alive to suffer a Power Struggle so you can rise even more your score).

The splitter : Swing the Wii remote vertically to make an almost 1 Hit-Ko or kill, in hard, only one hit is needed to put them in finishing pose. In first dificulty, only one hit may be needed (not sure of it).

Falling Splitter : Jump (Z) and press A to drop down with a Deadly slash that acts in a similar way to the splitter.

Finish MovesEdit

Using one of its last moves will help you to achieve a sure way to perform it.

The Fatal Samurai : That's not its real name, but it really deserves it. Jack swings two times its katana, one to cut both arms and the second to slice the victimin in two with a horizontal slash. Then he attempts to make a samurai pose.

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