Jude the Dude
Jude The Dude
That Dude
Vital statistics
Title Jude the Dude
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Boss
Health Unknown
Level Easy
Status Possibly alive as Death Blade
Location Varrigan City: Downtown

"Well, Howdy, Rookie!"

Jude the Dude is the boss of the Varrigan City Downtown area and the second boss of the game. He is ranked 124th on Death Watch.


Jude is a very flamboyant deathseeker clad in cowboy wear and metal skates. He is a master gunslinger and is equipped with sharp spurs.



When the battle begins, a circular rail is raised around them which Jude uses to grind around the area, taking potshots at Jack all the while. He can also jump down and perform lighting fast kicks, which can do multiple damage to Jack if you're not careful to backflip them. His skates make him incredibly nimble and hard to hit around the area.  The best tactic is to wait until he stops to blast you, and then get behind him and hit him with a few slashes before he makes for the grind rail again. If you're daring, you can also try to rush him before he unloads his shot onto you. A straight punch from Jack's Chainsaw arm will send Jude flying, most likely knocking him out temporarily.

Power StruggleEdit

Whenever a power struggle commences, Jude will shoot a few parallel bullets in a line. You must shake the wii remote in the same direction to deflect them. After a few waves, Jack will zoom in and carve Jude up for a lot of damage.


Jack slides in behind Jude's legs and removes the cowboy's guns from their holsters before blasting him repeatedly with them, the tempo picking up with each shot. Eventually there's nothing left of Jude but his skeleton which Jack, without even looking, blows apart with one final shot.


  • "Well howdy rookie."
  • "Too slow!"
  • "Happy trails!"
  • "Time to get serious!"

  • Howard: "So this is the cowboy's tenth time in a battle. He's become a regular fan favorite, with his flashy moves and lightning-fast quick draw."
  • Kreese: "Howard, I hate that prick! When we fought, that dirty bastard kicked me with the spurs and tore my scrotum."
  • Howard: "Hm."
  • Kreese: "Y'know, my nuts unravled like two balls o' yarn. Y'know how fuckin' long two balls o' yarn is?!"                                                    
  • Howard: "Is that legal for him to be running on the walls?"                                        
  • Kreese: "I dunno. Is that legal for you to walk around with that face?"

  • Howard: "Somebody is about to strike!"                                        
  • Kreese: "And somebody's about to get fucked up!"

(After Jack defeats Jude)

  • Howard: "Looks like Jack has hurt the cowboy."                                        
  • Kreese: "Come on, Jack! Kill that scrotum-rippin' bastard!"

(After the finisher)

  • Howard: "Well, Jack just finished him off by giving him a taste of his own medicine!"
  • Kreese: "Y'know, there are other ways to give somebody medicine."     
  • Howard: "Yeah, but not as fun."


  • Jude bears a resemblance to Death Blade and it is theorized that they are one and the same but this is unlikely due to the removed finisher and the back stories of the two characters being separate and irrelevant.
  • Jude is one of the very few people on the Island to wield a gun.
  • In some of the earlier versions of Madworld, Jude had a different death than the current version. In the older version, Jack punches Jude in the back, steals his revolvers, and rams them up Jude's anus. Jack then forces the revolvers deeper until the player initiates the quick-time event At that point, Jack pulls the triggers. Jude is sent flying into the air like a rocket, and bursts into a shower of blood. This is why Howard remarks after the finisher that "Jack has found a new cure for hemmorhoids".
  • The description for the boss battle "bell" refers to Jude as the "brokest back in the West", hinting that Jude may be a homosexual. Further evidence to support the probability of Jude being homosexual also comes from some of the announcers comments, describing him as an "ambiguously gay cowboy.", as well as his removed finisher, which has him sodomized by his own weapons.
  • As said by the commentary in the intro cut scene he had been favored by the deathwatch audience making him one of the two most popular contestants by the deathwatch audience the second being Shogun Kokushimusou.
  • Despite being the second boss, Jude can be one of hardest bosses in the game when on the hardest difficulty due to his weapons and agility.

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