A game where you throw ninjas into firework tubes and sending them into the sky and cause them to explode.


Hanabi works like this: there are ninjas and a bunch of barrels. Shove or throw the enemy into the barrels until the timer is out or you fill up all of the barrels. Once this is done, the enemies will get launched into the air and explode into a "pretty" fireworks display.

Each round (up until round three) increases the amount of barrels and the amount of enemies that realize that maybe getting shoved into fireworks is an inconvenience.


  • Don't shove enemies into barrels; throw them. It's much faster and can get multiple enemies at once, and stops the timer temporarily.
  • Don't pick up enemies and slowly hold them until you can get them to some faraway barrel. If you must get them far away, throw them again and again; it's faster and can increase the amount of ninjas that are trapped by your constant throwing.

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