Grunt Enemy
Grunt Enemy image
Some of the grunts
Vital statistics
Title Grunt
Gender Male
Race Human/ Zombie/ Alien
Faction Gameshow Participant


The "Grunts" are a motley collection of people participating in the games. While some of the contestants are people greedily and selfishly seeking glory or riches, many of the enemies were former citizens of Varrigan City unwillingly forced to participate in Deathwatch. The majority of the contestants use any available weapon on hand, with weapons such as lead pipes and baseball bats with spikes driven through them. However, in some areas, the crudely armed thugs yield to various unique enemies. These enemies are set up in accordance with the theme of the stage, with ninjas featuring in the Asia Town region, zombies predominating in the Mad Castle area, and armored security guards armed with stun batons and tower shields appearing in the "alien research" area.


Grunts are the most common enemy in the game, and can all be killed relatively easily. These enemies are the most important for your points.


Grunts are very easy to defeat, but they can gang up on you if you aren't careful. The best way to clear out a crowd of enemies is with an Explosive Drum, but otherwise throwing people into a crowd can give you time to move away.


"Get you for that motherfucker!"

"Stay down, bitch!"


  • For some odd reason there are few individuals who wield a gun during the games which is Jude the Dude and the Greys of Area 66, yet during the cutscene after the fight with the Black Baron, a number of Grunts are armed with Automatic Rifles and attempt to murder Jack. They probably could have been given them to in order to kill Jack right after the games.

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