Vital statistics
Title Greys
Gender Unknown
Race Alien
Faction Grunt Enemy
Health Low
Status Alien
Location Area 66

Greys are aliens held by the military at Area 66 and forced to compete in the Deathwatch game against their will.



Greys are Grunt Enemies which appear in Road Rampage and the Money Shot II Bloodbath Challenges.

Greys will also escape during the DeathWatch Challenge in the Facility level, catching one will result in 99,999 point bonus.


Greys are virtually harmless, the only trick to killing them is catching them. Usually the commentators will quote, "Man, those greys are harder to get than twin sisters when your down to your last roofie" when one is near you.

Do note that in the 2nd level has 3 Greys that are optional to kill as a Deathwatch Challenge, and they are armed with rather dangerous laser guns. However, one Chainsaw hit will kill them.

*Note*: The standard enemies of Area 66 will attack Greys on sight. If they kill any of the Greys before you do, you will fail the DeathWatch Challenge

There's also a Grey Boss named Martin; who is the 2nd Rank boss in DeathWatch.


"I hate those things, all they do is run around and shit on the floor."

"I don't remember them shitting on the floor."

"Oh yeah that was me who took a shit on the floor"


  • Throwing a Grey into the UFO tractor beam will result in a cow being beamed down, which will explode once it touches the ground.
  • Greys are the only enemies with a unique blood color. (Florescent Blue)

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