Vital statistics
Title Ranked 49
Gender Male
Race Zombie
Faction Boss
Health Rechargeable
Level Challenging
Status Giant
Location Dungeon

"Me Smash!"

Frank is the 8th boss of the game and ranked 36th on Death Watch.


Obviously a parody of "Frankenstein". He is a genius whose vocabulary is shot due to having never left the dungeon (ranked 49 like the Shamans for some reason). He turned some cells in the dungeon into electronic torture chambers. He lives in an underground laboratory complete with an electric chair which he uses to regain health, and a security computer which he uses to activate the many traps in Mad Castle.



There are two levels to get onto. The water-covered lower level that will allow you to attack at will, but will leave you victim to his shockwave attack. The higher level is, naturally, recommended, for it will be much easier to dodge his attacks; some whereof will either leave his arms on the platform, or leave him momentarily stunned. Use these moments to go all Rambo on him. A back flip will dodge most of his attacks. Don't even TRY to counter when he covers himself in electricity. Now, after the electric rampage, he then returns to his chair to recover his health. Attack his legs while he is vulnerable, if you run out of juice, simply use the bat or another previously-acquired weapon.

When Frank's life is depleted, you'll make him recharge...but where are the screws? Without them...Frank's head is going to blow!

Commentaters QuotesEdit

Howard: Oh yeah. Frank! I remember you fighting this guy in the '07 games. He had his hand so far up your ass you looked like an adorable hand puppet!

Kreese: Yeah, well they took the largest chunks off a bunch of dead fighters and stitched them together to make this electric motherfucker. Yeah, he's dumb as a box full of blondes, but stronger than shit with a punch that'll zap the ass off ya! Clumsy fucker, though. Jack can take him if he fights smart and fast!


Jack first straps Frank into the chair that is meant to recharge him and then repeatedly turns the crank to fill Frank with electricity. As Frank's body cannot take so much energy at once Frank's head eventually explodes.


"Me Smash!"


Frank's hands appears in Death Press II

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