"Information about this area is limited, since anyone who's ever known about this has either disappeared or been lobotomized. Judging from YOUR comments over the course of this event, I'd have to guess the latter in your case, Kreese."

"FUCK YOU! But, yeah, that would kinda explain a lot of things, the blurred vision, the metal plate in my head, the mysterious foreign object up my ass."

"Oh, uh, the last one's mine. Don't bother rinsing it off when you're done."

*retching noises*

-Howard and Kreese's introduction to the stage.

The Facility Storage Hall is one of the stages for Area 66 in the game. This area is full of sci-fi death traps, and is where you fight the Masters.

Points Edit

200,000- Magnet Gun: A new weapon that ca suck up to 3 enemies and then toss them wherever you aim

500,000- UFO Fusion Engine: A pair of flaring engines ready to scorch up whatever you toss at 'em

800,000- Cyber-Slicer: A bunch of metallic cut-happy robots that are basically reskins of the Ninjas from Asia Town

1,100,000- Alien Tractor Beam: A UFO's tractor beam that sucks up whatever you toss at it.

1,700,000- Money Shot II: Another Bloodbath Challenge

2,000,000- Daggers: A Mayhem Dispenser relases a pair of Daggers for you to use. Stabby-stabby.

2,600,000- Jack Balloon: An extra life

2,900,000- The Masters

Stage mechanics Edit

The grunts in this area wield stun batons that shock on a hit. They are also overaggressive and love mobbing Jack.

There are 3 Grays roaming the area, which are the targets for the DeathWatch Challenge. Be quick, as other grunts will attack and kill them on sight, making you fail the challenge. You get 99,999 points for every Grey you kill

Notable quotes Edit

  • Howard: "Little known fact about aliens: they invented anal probing."
    • Kreese: "Really? I always thought that was you."
    • Howard: "I WISH."
  • Howard: "Whaddya happens to those guys that get zapped up there?"
    • Kresse: "Probably a drug-induced coma and a whole lotta anal probing."
    • Howard: "Sounds like my last birthday party!"

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