Explosive Drum
Explosive Drum image
Guess what happens next.
Vital statistics
Type Garbage Can clone/ instant grunt kill
Effects Explodes and kills
Points earned {{{points}}}

Explosive Drums are throwable objects which explode on contact, capable of killing most minor enemies in their radius. These barrels wipe out many enemies at once, and can make your score skyrocket (Kill about six enemies and a miniboss at once and you can even get an Ultra Violence rating).


Out of any item, Explosive Drums are the most point-worthy. Since it can also be used as a Garbage can, you may immobilize an enemy with it, use multiple weapons on him, and throw it at a crowd distracted by money for ultimate points. Also, there may be a few Explosive Drums that are scattered about that you may use on bosses for some quick damage.

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