Distractions are items that Jack can use to distract enemies. They all vary to affect the different enemies. Some of these distractions can be unlocked from earning enough points. While enemies are around the distraction, Jack can take the opportunity to escape or attack his unaware enemies.

List of DistractionsEdit

Money SuitcaseEdit

Money Suitcases contain money that Jack cannot grab for some reason. Because they're all greedy punks, these distractions work on Varrigan City grunts. They'll grab all the money they can when the suitcase is thrown and opened.

Mystery Meat BunsEdit

"Those meat buns look delicious...whoever they are."

- Agent XIII

Mystery Meat Buns are a plate of meat buns that, according to the map menu text, are made with the OTHER other white meat (people). The Chinese grunts in Great Wall St. are affected by this distraction, which they'll eat. More Mystery Meat Bun plates can be made by tossing enemies into the slicer trap.

Pirate HatEdit

"Did you know Jack? Ninjas hate nothing more than pirates. Toss them that hat and see for yourself!"

- Agent XIII

Ninjas hate nothing more than pirates, so it would make sense that the Pirate Hat would distract the ninjas in The Bristo. When tossed at them, the ninjas will ignore Jack entirely and focus attacks on the hat. A hat can be found after saving each geisha.

Raw MeatEdit

"That's raw meat, Jack. I wouldn't recommend that you eat it."

- Agent XIII

Although zombies of Mad Castle would prefer live meat, Raw Meat does just as well for them, luckily for the player. Zombies will, when it is tossed at them, crawl towards the Raw Meat and eat it.


This distraction, for whatever reason, affects the troopers of the Maintenance Center. They will go after and eat the Donuts when they are tossed at them.


  • Money Suitcases also appear in The Courtyard. However, because all the enemies are undead, and since the dead have no need for money, the distraction is totally useless.
  • The commentators remark that the Donuts are high in trans-fat.
  • Kreese admits that the Money Suitcase caused him to lose the '98 games.
  • Greys, mini-bosses and bosses are all unaffected by Distractions.

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