Death Blade
Death Blade
Vital statistics
Title Death Blade
Gender Male
Race Dead
Level Level
Status Mini boss
Location Courtyard

Death Blade is an invincible mini-boss character who only appears in the Zombies Courtyard level of Mad Castle. He appears to be a take on the Grim Reaper, who cannot be killed by conventional means.



Whenever Death Blade has entered the stage and a Zombie grabs, a Power Struggle will commence; you must swing the Wii Remote to the left to backhand the zombie into him. If you do not, he will decapitate Jack and you instantly die.


For getting out of the zombie-grab, you have to watch Death Blade's start up animation, since it precedes the *swing wii remote this way* icon.

Death Blade is as dangerous as he looks. His scythe will kill you immediately upon the slightest contact with it. So a good idea is to run the heck outta there, or if you have the guts, try and fight him. If you are lucky, throw a rock-shaped bomb (or explosive barrels) at him, and he'll explode into some happy pills. Alternativley, charging him with the Double Chainsaw works just as well. Of course being Death, he'll usually respawn quickly.

From what I've seen (and I've managed to escape twice and never get killed on my most recent try), if Death Blade starts to swing from his right, he's going to do a horizontal swipe, so you have to do that too, a side-to-side swipe. If he holds it on his left, he's going to do a vertical cut (if you've ever been killed by this, it's the one that doesn't just decapitate you if you miss, but also bifurcates you too). So then you do a vertical swipe with your wiimote.

Commentator QuotesEdit

"He'll give you head that will leave you weak in the knees"

"and not in the good way"


  • Both Death Blade and Jude the Dude wear skates, have a similar poncho, and are around the same height. Some fans speculate that Death Blade may actually be Jude the Dude. This possiblity can be supported by the fact the Jude the Dude is Reduced to a skeleton (though he still had his Skates) during his Finisher. However, it's worth noting that in the earliest release of the game, Jude's finisher was completely different, and Death Blade is suggested by Kreese and Howard to have been around longer than that.
  • Death Blade will grind on rails and strike you with his scythe.You can fight him face to face,or let a zombie grab you for a power struggle.
  • Death Blade is also notorious for being one of the harder enemies in the game due to failure of winning the power struggle resulting in instant death, and standard sythe attacks take a great deal of the player's health/

Troubleshooting In Power StruggleEdit

Most players have had a really bad time being killed by this boss because of the "motion isn't being detected". When Death Blade's power struggle begins (read "How to defeat the character if possible" for tips about knowing which direction to swing in) DON'T BE DESPERATE... Death blade's power struggle will give you about 1.5 seconds after the "Swing this direction" appears, so remain calm and swing AFTER the icon appears. Not in the moment or before (this will count as a "You swung bad and you will be killed).

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