Deathwatch is a gameshow that plays a major role in Madworld. It features people having to kill each other off all the time. This twisted and inhumane gameshow is run by Noa. The gameshow has been present ever since the beginning of the 21st century and many of the players participate for a mixed amount of reasons. Some players are arrogant, greedy, and selfish and compete in the games so they can gain fame and money. Some other players are forced to compete in Deathwatch against their will and only kill people just to survive. The prize for winning a Deathwatch season is the right to live and a financial reward of 100 million dollars. Jack Cayman is a player in the games, who is actually an undercover agent for the FBI and is there to expose the inhumanity of Deathwatch in hopes of getting Noa arrested for his crimes.

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