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Jack's chainsaw
Vital statistics
Type Mounted arm weapon
Effects Death and bloodshed
Source Jacks arm
Points earned {{{points}}}

Jack has a chain saw mounted on his arm which dispatches enemys and can get him out of certain situations. There is an energy meter below your health that shows how much power the chainsaw has left. This will slowly recharge over time when not in use.



The chainsaw serves as his main means of killing foes throughout the game, and can be swung either vertically or horizontally. Jack also uses this chainsaw to break out of tires or garbage cans enemies might catch him in, and also uses them in most power struggles he has with enemies and bosses throughout the game.


  • His chainsaw can get Jack out of a tire
  • It is advised that you use the chainsaw sparingly as you waste points by simply cutting up every enemy in sight. It is best to at least use the environment around you first to build up points before finishing the opponent off with the chainsaw.
  • This is the Weapon of choice for Boss battles, although do note it's not very strong. However, since it's "indestructible," You'll never lose it for good (But it CAN overheat.)
  • Like most things in Jack's weapon set, the fan-made character Loli has an Run-Of-Your-Mill Chainsaw.
  • Jack only brings up the exsistence of the chainsaw (in the cutscenes) 2 times; In the intro, and the last "World"
  • How Jack uses the chainsaw bears a striking resemblance to Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series.
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