Big Bull Mask
Big Bull Mask
Big Bull Crocker's Mask
Vital statistics
Type Weapon (not fatal)
Effects Makes the opponent stumble for a short amount of time
Source Big Bull Crocker (finish him with a Power Struggle)
Points earned 6000

Big Bull Masks are the masks worn by the Big Bull Crocker mini-bosses.

How to getEdit

To obtain the Big Bull Mask, Jack has to win a Power Struggle against a Big Bull Crocker while he is at low health. Jack will then break Big Bull Crocker's Double Chainsaw and slice Crocker's head off. After that, Jack can pick up the mask and use it as a weapon.


The masks are similar to other trapping items, like the garbage can and tire in terms of attacking and amount points gained for an successful attack. However, unlike those the mask doesn't immobilize the opponents who are hit with them. Instead the opponents maintain their complete mobility, as the mask only traps their head (obviously), instead of also trapping the arms and body, like the tire or the garbage can. Also unlike the garbage can, opponents who are hit with it can still be killed with Jacks Finishers.


Variations of the Big Bull Mask include:

  • Madam Yang Doll (Asiantown [Great Wall St. stage])
  • Bonsai Pot (Asiantown [Bistro stage])
  • Pumpkin and Armor Helmet (Both Courtyard stage)
  • TV (Area 66 [Facility stage])
  • Chess Pieces (Casino Land [The Tower stage])


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