Is the second main tier of the game and has bosses ranked from 98 to 54. It is described by Amala as being stereotypical and a mix almost like a theme park, meaning bad or stupid.


  • Great Wall St. - Collect the three orbs to complete the level's challenge
  • Asian BBQ House - Save three Geishas to complete the level challenges, which is almost guaranteed to be done so
  • Sumo Arena - A boss battle only level, where you begin fighting below #50 bosses proceeding its completion


  • Rinrin - A ranged fighter and the first female boss who dies when eaten by an animated sign
  • Shogun - A dual saw blade wielding Samurai who weares a dog and bull shaped mask by choice. He's simply skewered atop his BBQ palace.
  • Yokozuna - An elderly man, baring the highest rank of professional sumo wrestling and the last boss, receiving three finishers that are exactly the same, except for their end result

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