A series of three levels that are designed like an alien prison or the stereotype of Area 51. Greys are introduces in these levels during the BBC's.


  • Transit Highway Tunnel - A motorcycle level that has points, rather than time attached to it, and a bossfight done on the bike itself, using moves from the Bloodbath Challenge.
  • Facility Storage Hall - Filled with storm trooper-like enemies, greys, and a series of space-themed deathtraps, including a rocket's flaming base, an air lock, and a gravity field.
  • Robot Factory - A boss level, involving the second best player of DeathWatch.


  • Kojack - An ambiguous clone of Jack, meant to be evil. He is fought on a bike.
  • The Masters - Two jedi-style fighters, one old, one young, who present an almost uncanny resemblance to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Martin - A grey alien who controls a giant robot. As the second to last boss, he is very difficult, though he is more annoying than hard to defeat. He is the only character who can't bleed and it is rumored he blew himself up in a missile before the robot blew up.

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