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Anarchy Reigns, known in Japan as Max Anarchy (マックス アナーキー Makkusu Anākī?) is an upcoming online beat 'em up game currently in development by Platinum Games. It is their fifth game of their publishing deal with Sega and is being produced by Atsushi Inaba and directed by Masaki Yamanaka. It will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in January 2012. It is the sequel to MadWorld.

Gameplay Edit

Anarchy Reigns is described by its developers as an 'online action combat' game, in which players control one of various types of fighters as they use extravagant moves to defeat their opponents. There will be a variety of multiplayer modes including Tag Team and Battle Royale.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

The following characters have been announced so far.

Jack Cayman
The protagonist of Platinum Games' first title, MadWorld, who wields Gator Tooth, a retractable double chainsaw inside his mechanical arm. He is voiced by Steve Blum, who reprises his role from Jack's first game.
Leonhardt "Leo" Victorion
Another of the protagonists, he uses charged Positron Blades. His name is similar to a character from Madworld.[1]
Sasha Ivanoff
An ice queen whose weapons are Snow Spikes, which can be used to freeze opponents and combine into a powerful ice blade.[2]
A cybernetic ninja who cuts through enemies with his twin katanas, Onimaru and Juzumaru.[3]
Big Bull
Previously seen in MadWorld, a cybrid (a cyborg with a human brain) with a large bull-like body who smashes opponents with his Jet Hammer.[4]
Blacker Baron
The recurring figure and final boss in MadWorld, the Blacker Baron is "A cocksure brawler at heart, he delivers his lines with a swagger and his combat via the Super Sexy Fists of Fire."[5]
The Black Baron's assistant from MadWorld, she uses an Iron Maiden, a spiked barbarian's club that bristles with purple energy.[6]
An intellectual that uses a series of Tesla coils to grant himself electrical powers.[7]
An anthromorphic cyborg who uses a big cat-like style of martial arts. He also uses the Revolver Cannon which is inside his robotic leg.[8]
A transforming jetplane mecha that has flight capabilities and spinning attacks. It can also use its Tornado Drill weapons to skewer enemies.[9]
Edgar Oinkie
A rather portly and heavy brawler who uses his fists and a mutagen he calls "The Juice", which temporarily changes him into a reptilian beast, to deliver powerful blows in the blink of an eye.[10]

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